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Reproduction Sash Window Lift
shown next to the original Douglas
Building lift. Now available on our
web store as Item 79P.

CCH Portfolio

Crown City Hardware has been involved in numerous restoration projects covering residential, commercial, and governmental work, as well as hundreds of television and movie productions. Whether it's to add age and distinction to new construction, or retain the design period authenticity of a historic building, CCH brings its suite of services to each project ensuring quality, historic accuracy, and unparalleled service. Below you'll find a small sampling of the many projects on which we've had the great fortune to work.


The Douglas Building
Los Angeles, California

A complete restoration project to bring this iconic Los Angeles building back to its former beauty while converting it from its original commercial use to modern, residential living. Crown City Hardware was tasked with restoring and replacing the building’s missing and damaged hardware, while being true to its original design and function.

Top Left Photo: The Douglas Building today, after an extensive restoration project.

Bottom Left Photo: Utilizing one original escutcheon and knob, new entry sets were reproduced and designed to work on a modern mortise lock system.

Top Right Photo: The original sash pulleys and chains before restoration.

Second Right Photo: Sash pulleys and chains completely restored and refinished to near original condition. All windows now function as they did over 100 years ago.

Third Right Photo: The original staircase and balustrades before restoration.

Fourth Right Photo: The original 19th century staircase restored with the missing and broken balustrades replaced with custom made reproductions finished to match the originals. 

The Bradbury Building
Los Angeles, California

Arguably the most famous historic building in Los Angeles. Featured in many films, including Ridley Scott's masterpiece "Blade Runner", the interior is simply stunning. When tasked with restoring this treasure, the project leads turned to Crown City Hardware for reproduction work. In addition to many other pieces, we reproduced decorative, iron straps for the elevators, as well as mail slots and entry sets for interior doors.

Top Photo: Modern shot of Bradbury Building Exterior

Bottom Right Photo: Set of the original doors with the new CCH reproduction pull plate installed.

Bottom Left Photo: Close up on a pair of pull plates on exterior doors. Original is on right, CCH reproduction is on the left.

The Westover Mansion
Fort Worth, Texas

The Westover Job was undertaken to recreate missing hardware as part of the complete renovation of a historic, turn of the century oil baron’s estate on the outskirts of Fort Worth. We were tasked with, among other work, reproducing the exquisite English Gothic, Yale “Hendon” escutcheon and knob set.

Top Left Photo: One of the remaining original Yale "Hendon" sets from which we crafted our reproduction.

Top Right Photo: Scan from an early 1900s Yale catalog featuring the "Hendon" design.

Middle Photo: Our reproduction escutcheon plate, in the requested dark bronze finish, on top of an original Yale "Hendon" plate. Plate and knob are now sold as part of our "Templar" series, item 20K.

Bottom Photo: An early photograph of the Westover Mansion.

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